Is a new episode of Nancy Drew on tonight? (Christmas Eve)

We’re certainly looking forward to see what the Drew Crew will get up to next. Will that happen tonight? Is Nancy Drew on tonight, Friday, Dec. 24?

Nancy Drew is certainly a great start to our weekends. So, what’s going on with the schedule this week? Will we get a new episode with the Drew Crew?

Don’t count on it. It is Christmas Eve, after all. Did we really expect a new episode on such a major night of the year?

There isn’t going to be a rerun, either. The CW is into its holiday programming now. Instead, there’s a rerun of the Christmas Around the World special.

Why isn’t a new episode of Nancy Drew on tonight?

What’s with the lack of new episode? Well, if you notice, the networks take all the big nights off throughout the year. Did we really expect a new episode on Christmas Eve?

On top of that, we’re into the winter break of all shows. The previous episode was the last of 2021, and the show won’t return until after the New Year celebrations. Ratings drop too much this time to year to risk putting on the expensive scripted shows.

When will new episodes of Nancy Drew return?

How long are we waiting for new episodes of the series? There isn’t too long after the New Year celebrations. Nancy Drew is one of the first returns out of all The CW programs.

We’ll see the new episode on Friday, Jan. 7. It will keep the 9/8c timeslot that it’s held since the season premiered in fall 2021.

The episode will see the town affected by a truth spell. It’s time for a few secrets to come out, including a romantic one for Nancy. Will Nancy share her feelings for Ace or is this to do with someone else?

Nancy Drew will return with new episodes on Friday, Jan. 7 at 9/8c on The CW. Catch up on The CW App.