Is a new episode of Big Sky on tonight? (January 13)

Thursdays are all about TGIT on ABC, and the night always ends with Big Sky this season. What’s going on with new episodes tonight, Thursday, Jan. 13?

We have some bad news for all Big Sky fans. There isn’t going to be a new episode of the series tonight. For many, that won’t be too surprising, and we’ll get to why that is very soon.

What about a rerun, though? You’ll need to turn to Hulu if you want to watch an episode. ABC won’t even air a rerun tonight. We have the limited series Women of the Movement followed by a docuseries that looks into the real story to end the night. This is going to continue throughout January.

Why isn’t Big Sky on tonight?

The lack of new episode is for a few reasons. The first is to bring Women of the Movement. The second is because of the upcoming Winter Olympics. Rather than put on a few episodes and take another hiatus, ABC has opted to use the time for another series and just delay the regular shows for TGIT.

The pandemic may be partly to blame for this. It takes longer than normal to film right now, and some productions have had to shut down due to the recent Omicron variant. The shows need more time to make sure episodes are ready for us. This longer break means more episodes will be ready so there’s less chance of an on-off schedule.

When will Big Sky return with new episodes in 2022

How long do we need to wait for new episodes? There is a little more than a month to go. New episodes will air on Thursday, Feb. 24. This is the week after the Winter Olympics.

The new episode sees things turn extremely personal for Cassie. Her father has died, and she knows the reason why. Jenny is going to be by her side for this one.

Big Sky returns with all-new episodes on Thursday, Feb. 24 at 10/9c on ABC.