Is Nancy Drew renewed for Season 4?

We have been waiting for news about the future of Nancy Drew for some time. Is a fourth season going to happen? We now know what’s happening.

The Nancy Drew Season 3 finale aired back in January. Since then, we’ve been left with questions about the show’s future. At one point, it looked like the writers were getting ready to say goodbye to us.

The CW has been delayed in its renewals this year. Usually, we get to know about almost every single show on the network at once. That’s not happened in the 2021–2022 TV season, and part of that is likely linked to the network’s upcoming sale.

However, Entertainment Weekly brought us some news this week. We now know the fates of seven scripted shows, and Nancy Drew is one of them.

Is Nancy Drew Season 4 happening?

There’s some good news for the Drew Crew. They will be back solving more mysteries. Nancy Drew Season 4 is officially confirmed.

This is despite the show having low live ratings. It’s possible that The CW App’s ratings have been strong to withstand the dip in live ratings. It’s also possible that The CW is simply planning ahead because of Tom Swift, which is officially happening.

When will Nancy Drew Season 4 premiere on The CW?

Of course, now fans want to know how long they’ll need to wait for new episodes of the series. The CW hasn’t confirmed when the show will premiere, but there’s a chance that it will be part of the fall 2022 lineup.

We know The CW is attempting to get back to a traditional TV season. That’s why Nancy Drew Season 3 only had 13 episodes. It seems to have been a good show for Friday nights, and why fix something that doesn’t seem to be broken? We’ll get to know more when The CW announces its schedule in May 2022.

Nancy Drew Seasons 1 and 2 are on HBO Max. Season 3 is still on The CW App.