Is Lina Esco leaving SWAT? (Is Chris coming back to SWAT Season 6?)

The SWAT Season 5 finale brought us a farewell. Lina Esco’s Chris has decided to leave the team, but is the actress leaving the series?

During the penultimate episode of the series, Chris shared that it was time for her to step away from her job with the LAPD. She needed a change from SWAT, and the ability to help endangered women was the way to do that.

Just because Chris was leaving the team, didn’t mean Lina Esco would have to leave SWAT. After all, the finale ended with Chris and Street sharing with everyone that they are finally together. It’s only taken five years for Street to get his girl. Does that mean we will still get to see Chris every now and again?

Lina Esco is leaving SWAT after five seasons

This is the end for Chris. Well, for now.

According to TVLine, Lina Esco is leaving the series. This was not the show’s decision, but Esco’s decision. She shared that it was “one of the most difficult decisions” she’d had to make, and she has loved to bring a “strong, smart, bisexual character like Christ Alonso” to live on the screen. She’s leaving so that she can pursue other endeavors.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll never see Chris again. We know that Chris and Street are together, so there is a chance that we could see Esco guest star if she chooses to. We will also get to hear about what Chris is up to because of her connection to Street.

The best thing is Stris fans finally get the relationship they want. Sure, they won’t get to see it on screen a lot, but we know that it’s happening. Now as long as the writers don’t decide to break them up off-screen (and they better not), we can believe they’re together.

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