Will NBC save Magnum PI?

We’re keeping an eye on news about Magnum PI. After its abrupt and shocking cancellation, it looks like it might be saved.

Magnum PI was surprisingly cancelled after just four seasons by CBS. The show’s star Jay Hernandez didn’t think this would happen. The ratings were still good for Friday nights on the network, and the show also had a strong international audience.

Universal TV, which co-produces the series with CBS Studios, decided to shop the series around after it was cancelled. There looks to be a chance that Magnum PI will be saved, and it’s not who we thought it would be!

NBC may save Magnum PI

According to Deadline, Universal TV is in talks with NBC. Talks are also ongoing with USA Network, which is owned by NBC Universal.

It looks like NBC is thinking of saving Magnum PI for a fifth season. It will air the new episodes while USA Network airs the reruns of the first four seasons. Airing reruns is important for those who have missed the series on CBS. It opens the door for a new audience in the United States.

This decision is somewhat of a surprise, though. With the international audience, we expected a streamer to save the series instead. We’re certainly not complaining that the show is potentially going to be saved, but we expected a network that pays attention to the international views and not just U.S. views.

Of course, the series could end up gaining from Peacock, which is also owned by NBC Universal. This is where we’d expect the series to move to for streaming, and it is possible that NBC is looking to break into international waters with the streamer. Having a strong international show on Peacock could help with that.

Magnum PI is currently available to stream on Paramount+.