Big Sky Season 3 premiere date confirmed

ABC has confirmed the fall premiere dates for the 2022–2023 season. The Big Sky Season 3 premiere date is one of those dates.

At one point, we feared it wouldn’t happen. However, Big Sky Season 3 is definitely arriving on ABC. It’s also going to be part of the fall schedule. This is despite the dip in the live ratings, suggesting that the streaming ratings are good.

Now we just needed to know when we’d get the season. We know it’s in the fall schedule, but when exactly is that fall schedule going to start? ABC has now confirmed premiere dates, and that includes the third season of Big Sky.

Big Sky Season 3 premiere date

ABC has confirmed that the premieres are going to start on Wednesday, Sept. 21. This is great news for Big Sky as the series has moved to Wednesdays. That means we’re going to get to see the third season begin on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

New episodes will air at 10 p.m. ET/PT. As before, the new episodes will air on Hulu the following day. If you have Hulu + Live, you’ll be able to watch the episodes live through the streaming platform and then watch on the streamer the following day.

There are minimal details about the storyline for the third season. There are still some storylines from Season 2 to wrap up, especially when it comes to the Bhullars. Now that Veer is dead, his children will take their steps to take over his company. What has Alicia done to prevent that from happening, though?

Meanwhile, Jenny will still want to work hard to take the Bhullars down once and for all. She’ll have some help from the new temporary sheriff. Jensen Ackles’s Beau is sticking around for a while.

Big Sky Season 3 will premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 10/9c on ABC.