NBC saves Magnum PI: How many seasons have been ordered?

Magnum PI is the save of the 2022 cancellations. NBC has picked up the cancelled CBS show, and not just for one season. Here’s what we know.

Due to the dip in the live ratings, CBS made the difficult and surprising decision to cancel Magnum PI. Work immediately started to save the series. After all, internationally, it has a huge following and we thought the Friday ratings were strong enough to keep it going.

There is some great news. NBC has saved the series from cancellation. Usually, it’s the streamers that save a cancelled broadcast show, especially when the international ratings are strong. However, we have seen NBC save cancelled shows in the past, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine being one of the biggest.

The negotiations went down to the wire. The cast options expired on June 30 and CBS made it clear that it wouldn’t renew them. So, Universal TV and NBC had to go late into the night to get the renewal in before the expiry of the options. Now it’s over to the cast to finalize their own contracts with the new deal.

How many seasons has NBC ordered of Magnum PI?

The great news from Deadline is that Magnum PI hasn’t just been picked up for one season. NBC has already committed to two seasons, and not with the confirmation of two and done. Instead, there is the option to order more seasons in the future should the series continue to perform well.

While the live ratings are on the lower side for CBS, they were strong for NBC. Of course, not everyone may cross over to NBC and it will depend on the scheduling, but we’re certainly hoping to see the show continue to perform.

There is a little bit of bad news. The two seasons will only have 10 episodes each. This suggests that the show is going to be a midseason series.

Magnum PI is still currently available to stream on Paramount+.