Magnum PI Season 5 is not coming in August 2022

Now that Magnum PI has been saved, we’re looking for any sign of a release date. When will Magnum PI Season 5 premiere on NBC?

The cancellation of Magnum PI was a shocker. The good news is that NBC saved the series, not just for one season, either. It was for two seasons of 10 episodes, each, and now we’re ready for that new season.

We have some bad news, though. There isn’t a new episode in August 2022. Even had CBS renewed the series, we wouldn’t have expected a summer premiere date. There’s no way broadcast networks would allow some of their biggest shows to premiere in the summer, which is when the live ratings take a dip.

With the delayed save, it’s going to be difficult to bring the show in the fall. Plus, NBC has already confirmed the fall schedule.

When will Magnum PI Season 5 premiere on NBC?

We’re not expecting Magnum PI Season 5 to premiere at all in 2022. NBC hasn’t confirmed any date just yet but the series wasn’t on the list of fall releases. This suggests that the show is going to premiere sometime in the midseason. The season is only going to have 10 episodes, so that links well to a midseason premiere.

The midseason usually starts around January. This would suggest the earliest the season will arrive in January 2023. However, there could be a delay to the spring depending on the midseason schedule.

Filming hasn’t even started. However, pre-production has started. The writing work is underway. After that, there’s going to be location scouting, prop sourcing, costume work, and more. Only then can filming start, and we’re looking at around the fall for that to begin. It’s still a good time to film in Hawaii.

Magnum PI Season 5 will premiere sometime in 2023 on NBC. For now, episodes are still available to stream on Paramount+.