When is Kelli Giddish leaving Law & Order: SVU Season 24?

Kelli Giddish is leaving Law & Order: SVU. The exit is going to happen at some point in Season 24. When exactly will that be?

Detective Amanda Rollins has been a staple on Law & Order: SVU since Season 13. We’ve been able to watch her grow as a person and figure out her place in the team to help the victims. There is some bad news, though. Deadline reports that Kelli Giddish is leaving the series during the 24th season.

Now our eyes are on how long we have with the character. When will we have to say goodbye to Amanda?

When will Amanda Rollins come out of Law & Order: SVU?

The exit is going to happen at some point during the new season. The full details haven’t yet been confirmed, though. Deadline just states that it will happen in the middle of the season.

TVLine got a few extra details about the exit. It’s likely to take place at some point in the first half of the season. The main focus is the three-way crossover for the three premieres, and then I’m sure our eyes each episode will be on whether it will be Amanda’s last case.

How could we lose Amanda? Considering the dangers of the job, we could see her killed off. This would make the storyline realistic and remind us of the dangers of the job. However, it writes the show into the trope of violence against women—not like the show doesn’t already write itself into that trope anyway!

Could we see Amanda choose to leave the team? She is set to have some sort of traumatic experience, according to another article from TVLine. This could mean she leaves to recover from the event, whether it’s physically or mentally. It could be a similar exit to Kellan Lutz’s exit on FBI: Most Wanted.

Law & Order: SVU Season 24 will premiere on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 9/8c on NBC.