Was Halstead in the Chicago PD Season 10 premiere?

We know Halstead is leaving at some point in Chicago PD Season 10. Was that in the premiere? How long will we have with Jesse Lee Soffer?

It was certainly disappointing to hear that Jesse Lee Soffer was leaving the series in Season 10. It’s even more disappointing that this isn’t his choice. This is a budget decision, and not really a show decision. It comes from much higher up.

Now all our focus is on when Jay Halstead will leave the team. It’s also on how he’ll leave. Is he walking away, or is this exit a little more permanent? The first episode has aired on NBC. Did Jay stick around the whole time?

When is Jesse Lee Soffer leaving Chicago PD?

There is some good news. There was a rumor at one point that Halstead was leaving in the episode titled “Let It Bleed.” Well, that was the Season 10 premiere. Did that mean we would immediately lose one of the only OG characters left?

There’s some good news. Halstead made it through the Chicago PD Season 10 premiere.

TVLine shares that we don’t know when Halstead will leave. It is going to happen at some point in the fall, but we have no idea when. However, showrunner Gwen Sigan says that this exit isn’t going to be sudden. There’s a build-up to the exit thanks to the way the word came for Soffer’s exit came. The exit is also going to be “impactful.”

So, when will that be? All we can tell is that it will be sometime before the fall finale. It could even be in the fall finale itself. To be honest, the fall finale is the perfect time for a major exit, as long as that exit works for the character. Until the exit comes, we’re certainly going to savor all the episodes of Chicago PD with Jay Halstead that we can.

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Chicago PD airs on Wednesdays on NBC.