Is a new episode of The Blacklist on tonight? (September 23, 2022)

Fall TV is back, and usually, we get to see The Blacklist join us on Fridays. Is that going to be the case tonight? Is The Blacklist Season 10 out yet?

We are more than ready to see what Red and the Task Force are up to next. With fall TV coming back this week, we’re ready for the action to get started. However, there is some bad news.

The Blacklist Season 10 will not premiere tonight. It’s not even delayed by a week. This is a series that won’t premiere its new season in the fall. NBC opted to hold the season for the midseason.

When will The Blacklist Season 10 premiere on NBC?

How long do we need to wait? That’s not entirely clear just yet. It’s going to be 2023 at the earliest, but we’re not sure whether that’s January 2023 or a little later.

The last time the show was pushed to the midseason was in Season 6. The premiere aired at the beginning of January. Not only did it get moved to the midseason, but it also moved to Friday nights. That could have been the end of the series, and yet the live views picked up and the show was moved back to the fall lineup.

With this in mind, we could see The Blacklist Season 10 premiere at the start of January 2023. We’re looking at something as early as Friday, Jan. 6, 2023. We won’t get to know this until much closer to the time, and we’re looking at November or December for NBC to announce the decision.

There is still a chance we could get a full season order. When Season 6 aired in the midseason, we got back-to-back weeks of episodes and there were 22 episodes to the season. It’s not common, but this is a show that is great at buckling down when it comes to filming. We could see a full 22-episode season this year even with the midseason move.

The Blacklist is available to stream on Peacock.