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We’re getting a Star Trek connection in NCIS: Hawaii Season 2, Episode 4. LeVar Burton directs the episode titled “Primal Fear.”

LeVar Burton is no stranger to directing in the NCIS franchise. He directed 10 episodes of the New Orleans series, and it’s exciting to see him head to Hawaii to direct an episode of this spin-off.

We’ll also get to see a returning guest star. Special Agent Pike, played by Mark Gessner, is going to be called in to help with the latest case. We’ll also get to delve deeper into Hawaiian culture with the episode.

What’s the case in NCIS: Hawaii Season 2, Episode 4?

Pike is needed to help when a Navy sailor washes up dead. He doesn’t just turn up anywhere, though. This sailor turns up in a sacred and forbidden kapu site. This is going to set off alarm bells for everyone, especially for the local people.

This may not be the first body to turn up under similar circumstances. There is certainly a mystery to unravel, and it may be linked to a serial killer on the island. That’s going to set people off even more, so the team will need to keep all the details under wraps for some time.

What all this does mean is that we’ll get to know a little more about Hawaiian culture. It’s something the show started off doing so well and then left out later in the first season. It will be good to get a little more now.

As all that happens, we need a personal storyline. It’s back to Tennant’s home. Alex has a new girlfriend, and our favorite Mama Bear will get to meet the new lady in Alex’s life.

Check out the synopsis for NCIS: Hawaii Season 2, Episode 4:

When a Navy sailor washes up dead in a sacred, forbidden kapu site, the NCIS team brings CGIS Special Agent Pike to unmask the mystery and catch a possible serial killer on the island. Also, Tennant meets Alex’s new girlfriend.

Watch NCIS: Hawaii Season 2, Episode 4 live

Date: Monday, Oct. 10
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 2, Episode 4, “Primal Fear”
TV Channel: CBS
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