Walker Independence Season 1, Episode 5 spoilers: Breaking into the sheriff’s house

The Davidsons are a major threat, but Tom will have his work cut out for him to prove he’s a good sheriff in Walker Independence Season 1, Episode 5.

It’s been clear from the start of the series that Tom Davidson had something to do with Liam Collins’s murder. Yes, this is a rather predictable storyline, but that doesn’t mean the reasons why or just how evil Tom is has to be predictable.

In the latest episode, we finally got a little bit of backstory on Tom. We get to see just how dangerous he is, but the town still doesn’t know. His deputy is figuring things out, though, and Kate is happy to do some more digging.

Things are going to get hard for Tom in the latest episode. An old friend comes to town for help, and this threatens to expose everything about the Davidsons.

Walker Independence spoilers: Abby and Kate want to break in

Abby and Kate want more details. They want proof that Tom is up to something, and there’s only one way to get the information. They need to break into the sheriff’s house. That’s the most dangerous thing they can do right now, though.

Things aren’t going to be easy for the two of them. Their friendship will be put to the test as Abby searches for more answers about her husband.

While all that happens, we’ll see Calian and Gus reconnect. They had a friendship before all this started, but Gus knew that Calian was hiding something. As secrets and the truth come out, it’s time for them to mend the bridge to help bring down the sheriff.

Check out the promo and synopsis for Walker Independence Season 1, Episode 5:

When an old friend rides into town, Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian) finds himself in the impossible position of helping a former partner in crime while keeping up appearances as the town’s new sheriff. Abby (Kat McNamara) and Kate’s (Katie Findlay) friendship is put to the test as Abby faces uncomfortable questions about her deceased husband while Gus (Philemon Chambers) and Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez) reconnect and work together to pursue a new lead in connection to the murder of Abby’s husband.

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