Magnum PI Season 5 is not coming to NBC in November 2022

Since finding out NBC had saved Magnum PI, we’ve wanted to know one thing. When will Magnum PI Season 5 premiere on NBC? What do we know so far?

There was some bad news back in May. CBS chose to cancel Magnum PI after four seasons. Just as we got that kiss, the show was over. Well, that wasn’t the plan of those behind the scenes. The series was shopped around, and NBC stepped up to claim it.

Magnum PI Season 5 is in the works. The bad news is we won’t get to see it just yet. The show is not on the list of new releases in November, which isn’t all that surprising. Apart from the pandemic, we don’t tend to see broadcast networks bring premieres in November. NBC is trying something out with a couple of comedies this year, but we never expected something like Magnum PI to get that treatment.

When will Magnum PI Season 5 come to NBC?

Instead, we’re looking at January 2023 as the earliest the series is going to head to NBC. This would time well with the premiere of The Blacklist Season 10. Wouldn’t two crime dramas work really well together? CBS has had success with this on Fridays, so why couldn’t NBC?

Filming for Magnum PI Season 5 did start this fall. That does give the series time to get a good amount of episodes in the bag ready for a January premiere date.

Just how many episodes can we expect? Midseason shows tend to get shorter episodes seasons. We already know the plan for this show. NBC confirmed that when it saved the series, it was for two seasons of 10 episodes each. So, we have 10 episodes to Magnum PI Season 5, and a January start would be great to run through to the spring.

How about Tuesdays when New Amsterdam‘s timeslot opens up? That timeslot is a tricky one, and NBC is talking about scrapping it altogether. Fridays with The Blacklist seems to be a better idea.

Magnum PI is available to stream on Paramount+ still. Watch out for it coming to Peacock.