FBI Season 5: Is Nina Chase leaving?

We know Maggie is coming back to FBI Season 5. What does that mean for her temporary replacement? Will Nina Chase stick around?

We knew that there was a chance Nina Chase wouldn’t stick around once Maggie returned. After all, Shantel VanSanten’s character was brought into the show as a temporary replacement while Maggie healed from the sarin gas poisoning. In real life, it was to allow Missy Peregrym to take time off to have her second baby.

So, now eyes are on what’s to come for Nina. We know Maggie is back in the Nov. 15 episode. What would the series do with Nina? Is she going to stick around considering her storyline with Scola?

Nina Chase is leaving FBI Season 5

There was some bad news for Nina fans during the Nov. 6 episode. Nina Chase is leaving. However, it’s not a permanent goodbye for fans. That’s not something the writers wanted to do with Shantel VanSanten’s character.

During the episode, Nina learned that she is pregnant. The baby is Scola’s, but she doesn’t know what she wants to do about the pregnancy yet. At the end of the episode, she shared that she was leaving the team to take time to think about all her options.

It doesn’t look like Nina and Scola are calling it quits, though. There is a chance that the two will be together off-screen, similar to the way SWAT handled Chris’s departure and her relationship with Street. This allows us to find out what’s going on with Nina, and we could see her come back with VanSanten in a guest star role here and there.

Executive producer Rick Eid shared that Nina will be back in some sort of capacity when talking to TV Insider.

What did you think of Nina’s exit? What do you hope to see for Nina and Scola? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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