What happened to Nina Chase in FBI Season 5?

We had a feeling Nina Chase would be leaving FBI Season 5 very soon. What happened to the character? Did the show kill Nina off?

Shantel VanSanten came into FBI Season 4 as a temporary replacement for Missy Peregrym. Peregrym went on maternity leave, and the writers chose to create a medical leave storyline for Maggie. VanSanten’s Nina Chase because OA’s partner until Maggie was ready to return.

Knowing that Maggie would be back soon, we were ready for an exit storyline for Nina. What happened? Did the series decide to kill her off to bring Maggie back?

Did Nina Chase die in FBI Season 5?

There is some good news for Nina fans. Shantel VanSanten’s character was not killed off in the series. It was something Rick Eid and the writers didn’t want to do. That may be because the show has enough death already, but it could also because we knew Nina wouldn’t be around the whole time anyway. Maggie is making a comeback.

Instead, the writers opted to make Nina pregnant. She’s still with the FBI, but she’s leaving the team to figure out what to do with the pregnancy. This baby is Scola’s, though, so it means we could hear plenty about Nina through him. Maybe we could even see Nina on screen now and then.

Will Scola become a dad? There’s always a chance. We’ll need to see what Nina is going to do about her pregnancy first. It will add a new dynamic to Scola, who isn’t the most fleshed-out character on the series just yet.

What did you think of the way FBI Season 5 handled Nina’s exit? What would you hope to see for Nina and Scola moving forward? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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