Is Criminal Minds: Evolution released weekly or a binge-watch?

The Criminal Minds revival will be here before you know it. How can you watch the show? Will Criminal Minds: Evolution be a binge-watch release?

You’re likely ready to dive straight into the Criminal Minds revival. It is pretty much a 16th season considering the number of Season 15 cast members returning, but it’s getting its own serialized title. Criminal Minds: Evolution will bring us a mixture of procedural and serialized elements.

This season picks up after the pandemic. The trailer makes it clear that the BAU will need to track down their hardest-to-crack killer yet. You see, they know how UnSubs work in normal times, but what does a pandemic do to them? That’s something we get to find out, but this case is anything but textbook.

Criminal Minds: Evolution release schedule

There is no doubt that you’re hoping to binge-watch the season. After all, it’s so exciting, and it’s coming to a streaming platform. Rather than a CBS release, the series is heading to Paramount+—although the first episode will have a linear release to mark the show’s return.

This isn’t going to be a binge-watch release, though. Paramount+ prefers to release content weekly, and that’s what is happening here. The show is even going to take a winter break, which isn’t normal for any streaming platform.

The first two episodes are coming out on Thursday, Nov. 24. Yes, that is Thanksgiving Day, so you’ll have something other than football to watch. After that, the episodes will be released weekly. Here’s the release schedule to have in your diary:

Nov. 24: Episodes 1 and 2—”Just Getting Started” and “Sicarius”

Dec. 1: Episode 3—”Moose”

Dec. 8: Episode 4—”Pay-Per-View”

Dec. 15: Episode 5—”Oedipus Wrecks”

Jan. 12: Episode 6—True Conviction”

Jan. 19: Episode 7—”Pieces of Me”

Jan. 26: Episode 8—”Pas De Deux”

Feb. 2: Episode 9—TBA

Feb. 9: Episode 10—TBA

What do you hope to see in the new season? Do you want to see more Criminal Minds in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Criminal Minds: Evolution premieres on Thursday, Nov. 24 on Paramount+.