Who plays Bailey Nune in The Rookie?

Nolan’s girlfriend Bailey Nune is getting a larger and larger role. Who plays the character on The Rookie, and how where have you seen her before?

Bailey Nune was introduced in The Rookie back in the third season. She and Nolan quickly hit things off, but throughout the fourth season we worried about what she was hiding. It turned out that her husband wasn’t quite an ex. He was abusive and had framed her for drug possession, leading to a lot of problems.

Fortunately, Nolan was able to find a way to fix the problems. Bailey has become a more integral part of the story, and it’s even opened up a new part of the life of police and first responders. After all, Bailey is a firefighter, and while there are rivalries between the various first responders, they also work hand in hand to keep cities safe. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bailey opened up another spin-off for the series.

But who plays Bailey Nune, and how long is this character going to stick around? Here’s all you need to know about Bailey in The Rookie.

Jenna Dewan plays Bailey in The Rookie

Bailey’s portrayer certainly doesn’t need much of an introduction. She’s played by Jenna Dewan on The Rookie, who you will know from plenty of other shows and movies.

One of Dewan’s biggest releases is Step Up, where she met ex-husband Channing Tatum. She’s also be in Superman & LoisWitches of East End, and The Resident.

Right now there are no signs the show is going to write Dewan’s character out. Back in the middle of Season 4, Dewan was upped to series regular, and that’s the way she’s remained for Season 5. We did see a storyline that put Bailey’s life at risk, but she got out of dodge. The last we saw, she proposed to Nolan, and it was just so in style for Bailey’s go-get-’em attitude.

What do you think of Bailey Nune in The Rookie? What would you like to see for her and Nolan next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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