Accused series premiere: What was Scott accused of?

The Accused series premiere opened with someone questioning how it felt for Scott to kill his son. Is that what he was accused of in the episode?

As the name of the series suggests, Accused involves a defendant being accused of a crime. It’s up to a judge to decide whether the cases will go to trial and then up to a jury to decide if someone is guilty or innocent.

We don’t get to know the crime right away. We see the story play out, although there are some hints of the events along the way.

The Accused series premiere starred Michael Chiklis as Scott, an accomplished neurosurgeon who found out that his son may have been planning at attack on his high school. Scott had to decide whether he could do something to protect innocent people, and it sounded like at the beginning that he’d killed his son to prevent the attack.

What did Scott do in the Accused series premiere?

There were certainly moments where it looked like Scott had done what we thought he would. So shocked by his own son planning an attack, Scott considered taking him out to the woods to kill him. It didn’t help that Scott looked back over home videos to see that there always seemed to be something not quite right with his son.

In the end, Scott couldn’t do it. Instead, he gave his son money for a trip to Iceland. This is when we found out what Scott was accused of doing.

The money wasn’t for a trip at all. It was so his son and a friend could buy weapons to carry out the attack on the school. Scott was accused of making the attack possible. If it wasn’t for the money, the attack wouldn’t have happened. The attack led to a number of students killed and Scott’s son killing himself. That was where the comment of Scott killing his son came into play.

The judge deemed no criminal intent in Scott giving the money. While it was negligent as a parent considering everything that had been going on, it wasn’t criminally negligent. Scott didn’t know what the money was actually for, and therefore, he wouldn’t go to a full trial.

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