Is a new episode of Chicago PD on tonight? (January 25)

We are certainly ready for another episode of Chicago PD. What’s going on with the NBC schedule tonight, Wednesday, Jan. 25?

There is some bad news for One Chicago fans. All three shows are taking the night off from new episodes. This is a bit of an extended break. There won’t be a new episode next week, either.

If you do want to watch an episode, there is a bit of good news. We will get a rerun this week. We’re heading back to the third hour of the season, which is when Halstead chose to leave the team and rejoin the Army. We know from the previous episode that Halstead isn’t planning on returning Stateside any time soon.

When will a new episode of Chicago PD air on NBC?

Just how long will we need to wait for a new episode, then? It is a longer one than we’d like. We’re getting a two-week break.

The next new episode will air on Wednesday, Feb. 8. NBC made sure we were aware of that with the promo for the episode. That promo tells us a little of what we can expect.

Intelligence is pulled into a case that involves a vendetta. We see Voight at a cemetery, and a released photo for the episode makes it clear that this is Olinsky’s grave. Is this case linked to Olinsky’s death? That would certainly be a vendetta for Intelligence to get involved in.

The break in the schedule is likely linked to scheduling. We usually see breaks here and there to make sure the finales will air in May. The downside is that it means an on-off schedule for the rest of the season, and that gets irritating and confusing.

Chicago PD is available to stream on Peacock.