5 TV crime dramas on Acorn TV to watch this Thanksgiving weekend

Queens of Mystery -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Queens of Mystery -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /
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London Kills — Courtesy of Acorn TV
London Kills — Courtesy of Acorn TV /

4. London Kills

If you want something a little longer and a little more traditional, London Kills is the show to turn to. With two seasons, there’s a little more content to get through over Thanksgiving weekend. You’ll still likely have time for a couple of other shows on this list.

London Kills is a suave crime drama set in the titular city. The cops aren’t afraid to do what they need to get justice, but they also want to work within the law and follow their instincts. They need to work together if they want to solve some of the bigger crimes around.

There’s one thing that keeps playing a part in the life of lead character DI David Bradford. His wife went missing before the series began and it’s a mystery he’s never been able to solve. In fact, the first episode sees him return to duty following the disappearance of his wife. It’s possible that the first case involves his wife’s disappearance in some way, and Bradford needs to figure out why.

With a strong cast and great writing, this is a series that you’ll be drawn into immediately. This is also a series where the actors were allowed to ad-lib in places, which makes their lines feel more genuine to the characters they’ve helped develop.