5 TV crime dramas on Acorn TV to watch this Thanksgiving weekend

Queens of Mystery -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Queens of Mystery -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /
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Jack Taylor — Courtesy of Acorn TV
Jack Taylor — Courtesy of Acorn TV /

3. Jack Taylor

Missing Iain Glenn on your screens? Jack Taylor is the place to turn. Three seasons of the series are on Acorn TV, giving you plenty of content to get through during Thanksgiving.

Glenn plays the titular character in a series based on Ken Bruen’s crime novels. Jack is an old-school detective who drinks more than he should. He’s not afraid to take matters into his own hands, but that leads to him being sacked from the Gardaí.

What does he do? He turns to private investigation to make sure he can gain justice. However, he soon finds himself taking on cases that he wasn’t originally interested in; those that the Gardaí won’t investigate.

Yet while he was fired, he still has plenty of contacts in the Gardaí to help him carry out his investigations. You’ll soon find yourself rooting for Jack and Kate Noonan, and not just in the cases that they end up solving together.

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The series offers three stories throughout three seasons. Each season is just three episodes long. You’ll likely find yourself looking for another TV crime drama to get through. Don’t worry! There are plenty on this list.

This is an old-school crime drama. If you’re not happy with the cliches that throw you back into the 1970s movies and shows, you’re going to want to move on!