Midsomer Murders and 10 best TV crime dramas on BritBox

Midsomer Murders XVllThe Dagger Club
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10. The Mallorca Files

When it comes to modern-day mysteries, The Mallorca Files is the one to check out. Miranda Blake is an ambitious by-the-book detective. She has to work with her German counterpart, Max Winter, on the Spanish island. Of course, Max is everything she isn’t, which makes working together extremely challenging.

As they figure out how to work with each other, they also deal with the various murders, thefts, and kidnapping cases that take place on the island. Who would have thought a holiday destination could have so much crime?

This is a BritBox Original that is currently in the middle of airing its first season. The show releases episodes on Tuesdays.

9. The Doctor Blake Mysteries

What about medicine and crime rolled into one? Of course, the two topics do work together well, and you want The Doctor Blake Mysteries for this. The series, which ran from 2016 to 2018, focuses on Doctor Lucien Blake, a veteran during World War II.

He returns to Ballarat aft 30 years away, where he becomes the town’s GP. He also takes on work as the police surgeon, which often leads to him figuring out the key behind the gruesome murders and mysteries that take place.

It’s a fun period piece that shines a different light on the TV crime dramas genre. Well worth checking out when you’re looking for something unique.