Midsomer Murders and 10 best TV crime dramas on BritBox

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6. The Bletchley Circle

There are many period TV crime dramas out there, and The Bletchley Circle is one that you need to watch. Set in post-war London, four female codebreakers get to work to figure out some of the darkest crimes in the area. They’re not going to back down just because of their gender.

You can also follow up with The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco. The series goes overseas, as the title suggests, when a murderer ends up moving city. It’s up to our two resident codebreakers to meet up with their American counterparts to solve the mystery that has taken one of their own.

5. Silent Witness

Silent Witness brings a slightly different angle to TV crime dramas. While most involve police work and detectives, this series focuses on the forensic pathologists. They have an important job to allow the dead to talk.

The team will figure out the secrets that the victims seem to have taken to the grave. Whether they’re murders or genuine accidental deaths, our team of forensic pathologists will unlock the secrets.

The downside is there are only two seasons of the series on BritBox at the moment. That doesn’t mean it will always stay that was as license agreements change over time.