Could SWAT’s move to the midseason keep the show going longer?

Will SWAT be safer with its move to the midseason?

CBS has announced its fall schedule. For the most part, it’s made up of the shows that we’re used to, but SWAT Season 4 is missing. The show is being held for the midseason.

This is disappointing for many. We like to see our favorite shows get full seasons and being in the fall. However, there’s a chance that the move to the midseason could be good for the future of this cop drama.

A move to the midseason could be strategic. A way for CBS to show that it does support the Shemar Moore-led drama.

We worried about the SWAT live ratings

Throughout the season, fans have been concerned about the low live ratings. It’s easy to blame this on the timeslot. Wednesdays have been problematic for any network that isn’t NBC since the One Chicago Wednesday lineup.

However, there are many reasons for poor results. And Thursdays at 10/9c wasn’t all that great for the show either. Even Tuesdays at 10/9c haven’t been that strong. It’s like the last timeslot of the night is bad for live TV as people want to head to bed at a reasonable time.

But SWAT’s live ratings were bad. According to TV Series Finale, the demo was 23rd out of 26 TV shows on CBS on average. It’s no wonder fans worried.

Hope in the midseason

Those sorts of ratings would work better in the midseason. There’s less concern about poor results. Plus, we could see the show head to a Friday night, where the lower ratings are even more acceptable.

Moving to the midseason isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just look at The Blacklist on NBC. During its sixth season, it moved to the midseason where the ratings ticked up. Season 7 moved back to the fall and it was quickly renewed for an eighth season.

On CBS, MacGyver moved to the midseason for its current season after a poor performance during Season 3. The show has lost just a tiny percentage of its demo and audience in the midseason and now it’s going to be part of the fall lineup again.

The midseason is becoming more of a place where shows can find their footing again. They can prove that they’re worthy of remaining on TV. We know that SWAT is worthy, especially after the strong second half to Season 3. Now we just need many others to see it. The move to midseason could be good for the future of the show.

What do you hope to see on SWAT Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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