5 reasons why you should tune in to see Starz original Power Book II: Ghost spinoff

Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz
Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz /
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New series, new storylines

While the book has closed for the original Power, there is a new storyline that will begin in Power Book II: Ghost. A few key characters from the original will carry over, but with the focal point of the show shifting this spinoff will very much be its own show.

This can be good a thing for fans of the original show and newcomers as well. Those who heard of the original series but hadn’t gotten around to watching it can jump in and immediately dive into the culture of Power knowing this spinoff is beginning a new era.

Lovers of the original will be introduced to new characters and plots all while experiencing a storytelling that will more than likely be similar to the original hit series with Kemp and 50 Cent continuing to call the shots. With Tasha and Tariq in the fold, fans will see how the new pieces interconnect with these characters going forward.

While Power could have ended earlier this year after the five-episode “Who Shot Ghost?” saga to wrap up Season 6, a spinoff is on the horizon to further entertain its Power fanbase. The idea that Power continues should excite even casual Power fans knowing there is a whole new world of characters and storylines that will be explored in this book.