5 reasons why you should tune in to see Starz original Power Book II: Ghost spinoff

Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz
Power Book II: Ghost. Image Courtesy Starz /
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Power Book II: Ghost will reveal what happens to the St. Patricks after the death of James. This is something to watch play out, especially after the series finale of Power. On that episode, Tasha was arrested for the murder of Ghost after her attempt to pin the murder on her boyfriend Quinton Wallace (Tyrone Marshall Brown) backfired.

Plus, after Ghost’s death, it was revealed that Tasha was left out of his will. Tasha’s mother would only receive a year’s worth of rent and assets from the club and a sum of money would go to James’s son Tariq in the form of a conditional trust fund. The trust fund set a condition that Tariq would have to earn a degree at a four-year university before seeing anything he would inherit from his father and he would have to graduate with a 3.5 GPA.

With Tasha behind bars and as the parent who was willing to teach Tariq the drug game, those plans will take a hit.

Seeing how the St. Patricks get through this and if Tasha will find a way to evade being a convicted felon is one of the biggest draws for this spinoff. For those hoping she doesn’t spend the rest of her life in an orange jumpsuit, through the spinoff viewers will see how things play out and if Tasha really has a plan or if it was all just smokescreen so Tariq wouldn’t get locked up for what he did.