Big Sky: Is [Spoiler] really dead after the winter finale?


The Big Sky winter finale makes us wonder what’s next for the series

There are major spoilers for the ending of the Big Sky winter finale in this post.

The Big Sky winter finale certainly did not disappoint. It was a race against time to find the girls, but would Jenny and Cassie manage it?

The show very quickly told us whether Jenny and Cassie would find the girls in the truck. By the midpoint, it was clear that Legarski and Ronald were a step ahead of the detectives. They moved the girls just hours before whoever was coming from Canada turned up.

After a misstep with the truck, Jenny was arrested and it left Cassie to figure out where the girls were kept. She paid Mrs. Legarski a visit, which gave her the idea of where the state trooper would be. It was a trip back to the bar she’d met with him before.

Cassie makes the choice to shoot Legarski

Finally, Cassie found where Legarski was. She even found out the missing teenage girls and Jerrie were there. While Legarski said he was “saving them,” Cassie knew that wasn’t the case. He was too calm, and he hadn’t called it in.

To be honest, Legarski knew that he was caught. He wasn’t even trying to pretend that he was saving the girls. All he was doing was biding time for the people coming from Canada to take the girls.

After drawing his weapon, Cassie had no choice. She shot the state trooper in his head. With a clear shot to the head, it’s clear that Legarski has to be dead.

Big Sky

What’s next for Cassie on Big Sky?

This leads to a huge question for the series. What’s next?

We thought the search for the missing girls would take up the whole season. Instead, this case has been (partly) solved within five episodes. Cassie will be able to get to the girls and get them to safety. She’ll at least be able to call it in and get help to get the girls.

However, there’s no way of getting justice against Legarski.

But he wasn’t the only one involved. Remember there’s still Ronald to go after. Nobody knows who he is. The Big Sky winter finale made a point of that. Cassie walked past Ronald at the quilt shop and didn’t even notice him. Nobody realizes that he is involved, and it’s not going to be easy for the girls to give the police a description of him. An awkward white man with blonde hair?

The girls are safe, but the guy kidnapping people at truck stops is still out there.

One thing this show has done from the very beginning is make it clear we can’t count anything out. Anything can happen, and anyone can die.

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