Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 2 spoilers: Jessica needs Martin’s help

The Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 2 promo gave us a look at what’s to come during the season

Prodigal Son Season 2 premiered with a bang and some terrifying twists for our characters. Now it’s time to look ahead at what to expect on Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 2.

Like all promos after premiere episodes, the Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 2 promo focused on what’s to come this season. That means everything that did happen in the promo isn’t likely to happen on the upcoming episode.

That being said, some of it could. I doubt Jessica asking Martin for help will, though. After all, that is likely to come when Jessica learns the truth about what happened to Endicott. Right now, Malcolm, Ainsley, and Martin are all hiding the truth about Ainsley killing the man to protect her family and Malcolm covering up the body to protect Ainsley. This is a secret that could break the family apart.

Eventually, Jessica is going to find out. When she does, she’ll do the only thing she can think of: turn to Martin for help. It’s surprising that she thinks Martin is the one who can help, but what is more surprising is that he’s not toying with her. He is going to do what he can to protect his children.

Martin Whitly wants to escape?

The Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 2 promo also hinted that Martin Whitly is going to attempt an escape from Claremont. He’s been there long enough that he likely knows all the patterns. He’s also helped to treat patients despite being an inmate, so he possibly knows more about the layout of the prison than other inmates.

Escape isn’t out of the question, but this would mean less Michael Sheen on our screens. We can’t have that!

Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 2 synopsis

To make sure we only get the storylines for the upcoming episode, let’s take a look at the synopsis. The official synopsis reads:

When a priest is found murdered in his place of worship, Bright grapples with its effect on his own trauma. Martin, trying to help with the case, consults his fellow inmate, Friar Pete (guest star Christian Borle), whom he learns is keeping a secret of his own. Meanwhile, Ainsley grows worried that Jessica is keeping something from her regarding her relationship with Gil. And Dani, Gil and Malcolm rally behind JT, urging him to speak to his union rep about the discrimination he’s been facing.

We’ll get to see a little more of the Whitlys together. Ainsley is worried about her mom, and it involves Gil. This will follow on from the conversation she overheard between Gil and Dani.

However, Gil, Dani, and Malcolm will have something else to deal with. JT had a harrowing experience during the premiere episode. He’s terrified, and it sounds like the discrimination isn’t over yet. He needs to speak up about this, and the others will have his back during this.

What do you hope to see on Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 2 airs on Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 9/8c on FOX. Catch up the following day on Hulu.