All the TV crime dramas to watch on Acorn TV in April 2021

Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch, Thomas Craig as Thomas Brackenreid-Murdoch Mysteries_Season 14, Episode 4-Photo Credit:Darren Goldstein/AcornTV
Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch, Thomas Craig as Thomas Brackenreid-Murdoch Mysteries_Season 14, Episode 4-Photo Credit:Darren Goldstein/AcornTV /

We’re into a new month. The unpredictable schedules on broadcast are making you turn back to streaming services. Here are the TV crime dramas on Acorn TV.

It’s not been easy following the broadcast schedules. The good news is streaming networks continue to have our backs, and Acorn TV certainly has us covered in April 2021. Most of the lineup is made up of TV crime dramas.

We already knew the final season of Keeping Faith would premiere during the month. At the last minute, we got exciting news that Murdoch Mysteries Season 14 would air. And there’s plenty more to add to the list of things to watch.

Not sure what’s on offer? Here are all the TV crime dramas heading to Acorn TV in April 2021.

Murdoch Mysteries and more TV crime dramas on Acorn TV this month

The listings are in release date order to avoid any favoritism and to help you get a viewing schedule in order for the month.

Murdoch Mysteries Season 14

The most recent season of the Canadian period TV crime drama begins on Friday, April 2. The first six episodes of the season will be available. After that, one episode will drop each week on Mondays.

Bloodlands series finale

The final episode of Bloodlands starring James Nesbitt drops on Monday, April 5. If you haven’t watched the series yet, three episodes are already available.

The series takes place in Northern Ireland and connects to the country’s dark history from 20 years ago. Nesbitt’s Tom Brannick is pulled into an infamous cold case that is extremely personal.

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 7

The premiere is already available, but you can watch a new episode every Monday throughout April 2021. The series is set in New Zealand and it’s considered the country’s answer to Midsomer Murders. Each episode is a standalone mystery, so you can jump straight in. Follow the detectives in Brokenwood with their dry humor and intriguing mysteries.

Keeping Faith Season 3

It’s time to see how Faith Howell’s story comes to an end. She is faced on an emotional legal medical case involving a gravely ill young boy. At the same time, she’s trying to deal with the hostile divorce proceedings, connecting more with Steve, and her mother turning up unexpectedly.

Keeping Faith Season 3 will release weekly, with the first two episodes of six dropping on Monday, April 12.

In Deep Season 3

If you love undercover storylines, you’ll want to check out the next of the TV crime dramas coming to Acorn TV. Nick Berry and Stephen Tomkinson play Liam Ketman and Garth O’Hanlon, two undercover detectives facing the pressures of their double lives. Just how unpredictable will their lives get?

All eight episodes of the 2003 series will drop at once on Monday, April 12.


For those who love TV crime dramas from Europe, there’s some exciting news in April. Bäckström is available, a series that’s based on Leif GW Persson’s Swedish crime novels. The series follows Evert Bäckström, a god among cops who has managed to solve 99% of his murders. He’s about to get the case of a lifetime that he believes involves one woman who has died twice.

All six episodes of the series will drop on Monday, April 26.

One Lane Bridge

If you think you recognize the name of this series, you’ll be forgiven. One Lane Bridge did just recently air on Sundance Now. The New Zealand series follows Maori detective Ariki Davis who reawakens a spiritual gift that puts his life in danger and his career on the line. He needs to figure out the mystery of One Lane Bridge while figuring out the town’s murder.

All six episodes will be available on Monday, April 26.


This is one of those TV movies that is part crime drama and part family drama. Jess and Jacob have been happily married for 20 years. They have an interesting dynamic that involves living with Jacob’s mother, aunt, and elderly cousin. When Jacob goes missing, Jess’s life is turned upside down as she figures out what’s going on.

The movie is available on Monday, April 26.

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Which TV crime dramas are you watching on Acorn TV this month? Let us know in the comments below.

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