Snowpiercer Season 3 premiere date, cast, trailer, synopsis, and more

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Snowpiercer Season 3 is happening, and we have a lot of questions about what will happen next. Here’s what we know about the season so far.

The great news is that TNT confirmed Snowpiercer Season 3 before the second season premiered. We got to go into the season without concerns about a cliffhanger ending. And what an ending it was! That was bigger than the first season.

Since the finale back in March, we’ve heard little about the series. That’s not surprising. It’s going to be deep in filming right now, and we’re not expecting much news until closer to the premiere date. Well, that is except for some press events that may happen in the summer months.

While there isn’t too much to share right now, this is one of those posts to bookmark. We’ll bring updates as they happen, and we’re sure there are going to be plenty of those updates over the course of the next few months.

Here’s what we know about the third season of Snowpiercer so far.

Snowpiercer Season 3 premiere date

We don’t have a premiere date just yet, and it’s very hard to predict when the season could even arrive. There wasn’t any consistency with the first two seasons. Season 1 premiered in May 2020 and Season 2 premiered in January 2021.

We’re not expecting less than a year between Seasons 2 and 3. The second season arrived early because of the delays to the first season’s release and filming for Season 2 happening straight off the back of Season 1.

We’ll probably get Season 3 sometime in early 2022.

Snowpiercer Season 3 cast

There is no doubt most of the main cast will return for the third season. There are a couple of questionable characters, but a TVLine article after the Season 2 finale hinted that those characters will be back. Hey, if Josie can make a return, why can’t others?

We’re fully expecting to see the following:

  • Daveed Diggs as Layton
  • Iddo Goldberg as Bennett
  • Mickey Sumner as Till
  • Alison Wright as Ruth
  • Lena Hall as Miss Audrey
  • Sheila Vand as Zarah
  • Mike O’Malley as Roach
  • Katie McGuinness as Josie
  • Rowan Blanchard as Alex
  • Sean Bean as Mr. Wilford

The two questionable returning actors are:

  • Jennifer Connelly as Melanie
  • Roberto Urbina as Javi

We’re sure the two will return in some form.

Archie Panjabi has joined the series as Asha, according to Variety. No other details about the character have been revealed at this time.

Snowpiercer Season 3 trailer

There isn’t a trailer for the season just yet. We’re not expecting one until much closer to the premiere date, so we’ll bring that once it drops.

Snowpiercer Season 3 synopsis

The third season will pick up off the back of the second. We left Layton in charge of the 10-car pirate train that went back for Melanie. While Layton and Alex didn’t find Melanie, they did find her data and a letter that she left for when they did return for her.

Meanwhile, Wilford is in charge of Snowpiercer, but he’s going to struggle to get the class system back without a lot of force. However, he’s likely to take a few things out on those left behind, including Zarah and Ruth.

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Snowpiercer Season 3 will likely air sometime in 2022.