Will Jamie leave the Fly Team on FBI: International?

We’re just two episodes into FBI: International and there are already questions about whether the team will stick together at the end of the season. It already looks like Jamie is leaving.

At the end of the first episode, we found out Jamie and Scott are together. Now it looks like their relationship isn’t going to last too long. Jamie may be leaving the Fly Team.

During FBI: International Episode 2, Jamie got a call that mentioned her moving to the New York office. By the end of the episode, she told Scott everything. She didn’t want him to hear it from anyone else.

The move to New York has always been in her plans. She wants to spend the last 10 years of her career there, and that starts “at the end of the year.” Assuming the show starts around the same time of year it airs, that means there are just three months left for her to make a decision. It works well with Scott saying he had a few months to convince her to stay.

Will Jamie leave on FBI: International?

Considering it’s a TV series, it’s unlikely that Jamie is going to leave. Something will encourage her to stay in the Fly Team. After all, Heida Reed is a series regular.

Of course, the series could surprise us. We could see Jamie leave the series almost immediately. This would be a little more realistic when it comes to career progression and plans.

However, one thing that could keep her around is her relationship with Scott. I’m not 100% clear if others know about this relationship yet. It looked like it was something secret during the first episode, but the second episode suggests that everyone knows they’re together and they’re able to just keep things professional at work.

It also looks like it’s something on the newer side. Jamie is with Scott but she hasn’t really thought about a life with him. Could that change over the next few episodes of FBI: International to get her to stick around?

The problem is we don’t know Jamie well enough just yet. It’s hard to care too much about whether the character will stick around or not, which is why I’m going with that she’ll find a reason to stick around so we can get to know her well throughout the first season (and possibly beyond).

What do you think of Jamie? Do you think she’ll choose to leave the Fly Team? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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