How did the truth come out on Snowpiercer Season 3, Episode 9?

Snowpiercer- Ep 101 8/28/18 ph: Justina Mintz SPS1_101_082818_0553.DNG 410105
Snowpiercer- Ep 101 8/28/18 ph: Justina Mintz SPS1_101_082818_0553.DNG 410105 /

We knew it was only a matter of time before the train would learn the truth about New Eden. How did it come out on Snowpiercer Season 3, Episode 9?

Caution: There are spoilers for Snowpiercer Season 3, Episode 9 in this post.

From the minute Layton chose to lie to the train about New Eden, it was clear that eventually, it would all come out. That happened during the new episode. That’s not really a spoiler when you consider the synopsis told us that it would happen. It looks like Pike’s death was for nothing, and that’s something the Tailies will need to think about when it comes to the Season 3 finale.

The question we did have was how the train would learn the truth. Who would let it slip that the pirate train hadn’t been to New Eden? With Asha dead, it couldn’t be her making that mistake.

Melanie is saved on Snowpiercer Season 3, Episode 9

The episode started with something more important. Layton, Ben, Alex, and Josie had to get to Melanie. They just had to hope that she’d found a way to survive the last few months with no food and water. Well, she did.

She put herself in suspension for days at a time. It was the only option for survival while she figured out where Snowpiercer was. And she had to hope that Layton had control of the train by that point.

You would think that she’d be excited about the idea of New Eden too, wouldn’t you? Well, she was but she realized that there was a problem with the data. It was too inconclusive to put the train at risk. Not only did nobody know if New Eden was really there, but the route was also extremely dangerous.

She couldn’t put the people at risk. All this time, she’s been focused on survival, and while the train is breaking down and resources are limited, she needs to give the people the best chance. She believes that’s on the train.

Melanie reveals all on Snowpiercer Season 3, Episode 9

After realizing that nobody else was going to tell the truth, Melanie did something that she’d be hated for by many. She chose to reveal to the train that New Eden wasn’t real. Layton had lied to everyone.

Wilford knew something didn’t add up with New Eden. Now he has his proof, and it’s time to put his plan in action. He used the drugs that LJ had taken for him and killed his guards, escaping at the very end of the episode.

Now Melanie needs to deal with a potential attack on two sides. So does Layton. The train is in chaos and there are three leaders to turn to. What will the train do?

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