10 best period crime dramas to watch right now

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The 10 period crime dramas you need to watch right now

There have been some excellent crime dramas on TV. Some of them are set in the past, giving us a look at how policing used to be and how detectives had to work without today’s technology and inventions. Period crime dramas are a must-watch even if you don’t usually love period shows.

There is an excellent range when it comes to this genre. Some of the period crime dramas offer us a gritty look at the time, something similar to what the cops would have faced back then. Others will keep things light-hearted, offering us a feeling that’s very much like an Agatha Christie novel.

Not sure where to start with the genre? Here are the 10 best period crime dramas you need to watch right now.

10. Father Brown

Years it ran: 2013 to present

Network it aired on: The series airs on the BBC in the UK. Episodes have been on Netflix in the U.S., but it is now available to stream on BritBox.

What it’s about: Father Brown follows the titular character as he helps to solve murders in the beautiful fictional village of Kembleford in the Cotswolds. It’s the early 1950s, and Britain is still struggling with the aftermath of the Second World War.

All Father Brown wants is to save souls. He uses his investigations to help get to the criminals to give them a chance to confess to the Lord. Of course, he also helps the police do their job when it comes to finding the right person who has committed the crimes.

Why you need to watch it: Father Brown is one of those period crime dramas with a twist. It’s not just about finding the killer, but also about saving souls. That’s something that makes worth watching.

It’s also light-hearted when it comes to topics. If you want to avoid the grisly murders, this is the show to watch.