Walker Season 2 finale ending explained: Who set fire to the barn?

Questions about the bar fire were finally answered, and Trey had to make a decision about his future in the Walker Season 2 finale.

For the whole of Walker Season 2, the events of 20 years ago kept coming up. There were questions about the barn fire that killed Denise Davidson’s dad. Cordell has believed for a long time that it was him, but it soon turned out that he wasn’t the reason for Mark’s death. And neither was Bonham Walker.

While Geri worked on getting answers in the Walker Season 2 finale, Larry made Trey an offer. With all the work Trey has done so far, Larry wants Trey to join the Rangers. His military experience will also be used as time served to allow him to join the Rangers. Would he take this opportunity?

Geri gets answers about the barn fire in the Walker Season 2 finale

Realizing the Gale knew more than she was letting on, Geri and Cordell decided to orchestrate a fight. This led to Geri gaining some of Gale’s trust, leading to Gale taking Geri out to the barn where it all happened. Geri just went along with the idea that she wanted to know her dad.

While there, Gale shared what had happened all those years ago. She had found out Geri was still alive and she was angry. She ended up starting the fire that killed her husband.

History almost repeated itself when Gale knocked the lantern over. Cordell was on his way to Geri when he saw the fire, and he was able to get Gale out. Gale is going to confess to everything, bringing an end to the chapter of their stories.

Denise also made her own confession. She was the one to cut the saddle that day. She just needed to take something from the Walkers. It does mean the Walker family get their ranch back, so that’s something to celebrate in all this. After all of his changes, getting the ranch back is good for Liam. He’s ready to take on the reins of the ranch, surprising Bonham.

Will Trey become a Ranger?

Meanwhile, Trey is looking for something to do now. He wants to help people, but he wants to do it as a consultant for the Rangers. Larry wants Trey to become a Ranger.

This is a big decision to make. It’s not something that his mom wants him to do. This is a dangerous job, just as the last few episodes have proven.

Trey decides to turn to Cordell for advice at the very end of the episode. Cordell makes it clear that he loves the idea of working with Trey, so it sounds like he’s going to take up Larry’s offer.

Cassie proves just how dangerous the job is. She went on a Tinder date only to find out that it was a recon. Someone is after her, and that means something bad is coming. It looks like things are setting up well for a big storyline in Walker Season 3.

There is a sad note to the episode. Cordell and Geri break up. Geri makes it clear that they’re not ready for a relationship together. What’s to come in the next season?

There’s a bigger issue to deal with, though. As Cordell, Trey, and Liam raced, Cordell suddenly went missing. We got a clip of a van with Cordell tied up inside. Something big is definitely coming in Walker Season 3.

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