The Calling: Karen Robinson and Michael Mosley talk David E. Kelley projects

THE CALLING -- "Shomer" Episode 105 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Peacock) The Calling
THE CALLING -- "Shomer" Episode 105 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Peacock) The Calling /

When a David E. Kelley project comes up, you don’t turn it down. That’s what Karen Robinson shared in this interview about The Calling.

As crime drama fans, there are certain showrunners we’ll always follow. David E. Kelley is one of them. It turns out he’s a showrunner the actors follow. When asked about why this project, Karen Robinson made it clear that he was part of the reason. It’s so good to know that actors and fans are on the same page.

We did get the chance to chat to Robinson and Michael Mosley about The Calling and their characters. Take a look at what they could share.

Why The Calling and these characters?

Karen did go into more about what it was about the project overall and the character she plays, Captain Kathleen Davis.

"“I loved these characters’ relationships with each other. I loved that the fulcrum is Avraham Avraham…who we all hover around and contribute to…I love that my character speaks in short sentences and wears sensible shoes.”"

There’s also that the series doesn’t tell us everything. We learn about everyone slowly and naturally, and it is something that kept me as a viewer engaged throughout. I’m sure it will for you too.

Michael also agreed that David helped to pull him in, along with the setting and the fact that it’s a gritty cop drama. It turns out that Jeff Wilbusch being cast as the lead also helped seal the deal.

"“I was like, the weirdo with the Yankee cap? That guy was so creepy in that show [Unorthodox]…that’s fantastic, I can’t wait to work with him…It’s fascinating what he’s doing with this guy.”"

It turns out that while neither of them were familiar with the books before getting the part, it didn’t stay that way. Michael immediately ordered it and read it, which is when he asked about who would play Avi.

Karen also quickly picked up the book.

“I love discovering new things like that. There’s so much n this world that we don’t know about, and then we get this gem of a book.”

Teasing what’s to come in The Calling?

It’s hard not to give spoilers when it comes to teasing this show, so I put that question to the stars. Is there anything that they can’t wait for fans to see play out? Karen had the best response.

"“Everything! Are you kidding? That’s not particularly specific…Look, I’m in this and I’m watching it with bated breath…I am watching it now as an audience an audience member and it’s just gift after gift after gift in humanity laid bare…It’s not a whodunit but who are these people?”"

It turns out the actors were just as excited about getting the scripts as we are watching the show.

"“Even just the popcorn element of this show…the payoffs are cool.”"

At the end, Karen also discussed being a chameleon. After all, you’ve seen her in everything and each time she is someone so completely different. She’s not an actress who has been typecast one bit, and that’s great for her career.

Take a look at the full interview below:

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The Calling comes to Peacock on Thursday, Nov. 10.