Colin Donnell talks playing Paulo/Mack in Irreverent on Peacock (Exclusive)

IRREVERENT -- “TBD” Episode 103 -- Pictured: Colin Donnell as Mack/Paulo-- (Photo by: Mark Rogers/Matchbox Productions)
IRREVERENT -- “TBD” Episode 103 -- Pictured: Colin Donnell as Mack/Paulo-- (Photo by: Mark Rogers/Matchbox Productions) /

What happens when a mob negotiation goes wrong? You need to get out of dodge, and that’s what Colin Donnell’s Paulo learns in IrreverentWe talked with Donnell about the role, and what it was like in the costume.

Irreverent offers us a slightly lighter crime drama than some of the recent offerings on Peacock and compared to what we’ve got coming on Paramount+. Colin Donnell plays Paulo, a mob negotiator who is good at his job. However, a negotiation goes wrong, ending with the death of a mob boss’s son.

Oh yes, Paulo finds himself in a lot of trouble. He needs to get out of dodge, and what better way than a trip halfway across the world to pose as a man of the faith?

We sat down with Colin to talk about the role. Why this one after the likes of Arrow and Chicago Med? What can we expect to see Paulo (or Mack as we get to call him in the series) experience while imposing a man of the Church?

Colin Donnell talks filming in Australia in Irreverent

While the initial part of the series is set in Chicago, much of it is in Australia. Donnell got the opportunity to film there and his family joined him for the trip. It did also mean experiencing beach weather in December, and that led to some sweaty moments while filming. What was it like in that costume?

"“I don’t know if you’ve ever spent time running on a beach in all black and dress shoes, but it turns out you sweat, a lot! It was amazing the way that they juxtaposed Mack’s very somber black outfit with the outlandishness of what was going on.”"

Donnell only had amazing things to say for the costume and makeup departments.

We then went on to talk about Paulo/Mack’s character development. This isn’t a character you’re supposed to like, but you do!

"“If was one of the most fun things. One of my favorite things is to take a character that you’re not necessarily supposed to like and then…bring [the audience] along for a ride where you at least empathize or root for him…He’s truthful to himself…It’s about Mack finding community and redemption for himself…Every day was a new adventure trying to figure out all of that.”"

While Americans and Australians will speak the same main language, the cultures are very different. We got the opportunity to discuss that as well.

"“I got to bring my family with me to Australia to film, and that was a whole adventure. It was so brilliant…The beach side setting really plays its own character within the show.”"

The weather is very different, “It wasn’t too bad to be walking outside in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of December.”

Take a look at the full interview with Colin Donnell about Irreverent below:

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Irreverent is on Peacock on Wednesday, Nov. 30.