Magnum PI spoilers: What to expect in the Season 5 midseason finale

Magnum PI is preparing for its wild midseason finale, and it’s possible not everyone makes it out alive. Get all the Magnum PI spoilers you need for the episode.

The last episode of the CBS to NBC reboot opened with what looked like Magnum proposing to Higgins. It turned out to be a nightmare of Higgins as she had gone undercover with Magnum in a psychiatric hospital to discover the truth of a suspicious death. A twisted nurse took her hostage and Magnum had to rescue her.

The subplot had Gordon and his son heading to the mainland on a college trip. That led to an altercation with a guy at a bar. It also brought up how neither of them truly wanted the kid to leave Hawaii and consider colleges closer by.

The more dramatic storyline had Childs looking into one of the guys who tried to kill Magnum a few episodes earlier. This led him to a house where he found photos of Magnum and all his friends. Childs tried to call Magnum only to trip an alarm and the house exploded.

At his airfield, TC was suddenly attacked by a gunman who shot him down as the episode ended. This sets up the dramatic midseason finale that brings these plotlines together.

Magnum PI spoilers for Season 5, Episode 10

“Charlie Foxtrot” looks to be a wild finale with TC fighting for his life, Rick being chased through the jungle and Magnum and Higgins having to defend Robin’s Nest from armed attackers.

The fate of Childs is up in the air as Magnum and his team have to deal with the forces who are after them. That includes finally finding out just why someone wants them dead for something they did in their military days.

As fans await to see who survives this wild midseason finale, it looks like Magnum PI is ready to rock fans on its new network.

“An armed hit team lays siege on Robin’s Nest. TC is badly injured while Rick fights for his life.”

Magnum PI Season 5 airs Sundays at 9/8c on NBC and streams on Peacock the following day.