Is Truth Be Told canceled? (Is Truth Be Told renewed for Season 4?)

Octavia Spencer stars as Poppy Parnell in Apple TVs Truth Be Told, premiering Dec. 6 on Apple TV+.
Octavia Spencer stars as Poppy Parnell in Apple TVs Truth Be Told, premiering Dec. 6 on Apple TV+. /

For three seasons, we’ve followed Poppy Scoville solve crimes with her podcast. What’s going on with the future of Truth Be Told?

We would love to see Poppy solve another case. Over the course of three seasons, she’s helped solve three cases with her true crime podcast. The most recent season was focused on making sure the victims’ names were kept in the story as America has a huge problem with erasing the victims’ names (especially Black victims’ names) in favor of the killer or suspects.

The third season didn’t wrap up all that long ago. The Season 3 finale aired on Friday, March 24, and for the most part it was wrapped up neatly. The case itself was solved, as has been the case with the first two seasons, but there were just a few personal storylines that we would have liked to see be delved into more. Will there be more time for it?

Is Truth Be Told Season 4 happening at Apple TV+?

Apple has made a decision about the future of Truth Be Told and it is not good news. The series has been canceled after three seasons, according to TVLine.

The series itself isn’t just about solving crimes. It’s about bringing the U.S.’s love of true crime podcasts to life. This series does it in a dramatic, serious way while Only Murders in the Building offers a more comedic form of storytelling to it.

It’s just the latest of Apple TV+’s shows to be canceled. Dear Edward was also recently canceled. The streamer has also seen some big shows come to an end with confirmed final seasons, including Servant and See. This is not too concerning for the subscription service which still has big shows like The Morning Show and For All Mankind running, but Apple will want to look at bringing something new to the table soon.

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Truth Be Told is available to stream on Apple TV+.