Chicago PD spoilers: What to expect on Season 10, Episode 19 (Preview)

After taking a few weeks off, Chicago PD is finally back with new episodes next week. Here are all the Chicago PD spoilers you need for the episode.

We are more than ready to dive into another episode of Chicago PD. It’s been a long wait for the new episode, and now we have four episodes to go until the end of the season. At least we know that the show has been renewed for another year.

NBC revealed the details of the show back when it went on a break. We know it’s all about Atwater and his dad, which is about time considering how long it has been since we saw an Atwater-focused episode.

Chicago PD spoilers: 10×19 promo

The promo makes it clear that Atwater’s dad is involved somehow in the case. He knows the kid that went missing, and now Voight and the others want to figure out why. Will Atwater be able to get answers from the man he’s been estranged from for years?

Chicago PD spoilers: 10×19 synopsis

We get to know a little more about the case of the week. It all takes place in the building that Atwater owns. We know he is trying to do the best for the people of the neighborhood with this building, so a shooting there that leaves a child dead is going to hit him hard.

What makes it worse is that his dad is somehow connected. He and his dad have a tense relationship. Atwater will need to decide whether he can trust his father or not as the case continues.

Atwater’s worlds collide when a shooting at the building he owns in Burnside leaves a child dead; Atwater must confront his relationship with his father, Lew, as the brutal case forces them together.

Chicago PD airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC. Catch up the following day on Peacock.