When is The Blacklist series finale on NBC?

THE BLACKLIST -- Pictured: "The Blacklist" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)
THE BLACKLIST -- Pictured: "The Blacklist" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC) /

The Blacklist Season 10 is officially the last. We need to know just how many episodes we’ll get and when The Blacklist series finale will air.

All good things eventually have to come to an end. We thought The Blacklist would end sooner than it did, but this season has been more than worth the wait so far. There are a lot of connections back to the earlier seasons, and we’re ready to see how it all comes to an end.

There will be 22 episodes to the season. That was confirmed a while back, despite the final season not starting until February 2023. It’s not the first time NBC has managed to fit a 22-episode season of The Blacklist into the midseason, but this time, we won’t get a May finale. Instead, this is a show running into the summer.

Update: The Blacklist series finale will air on Thursday, July 13. We’ll get two episodes starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

When will The Blacklist series finale air on NBC?

Futon Critic has the list of dates the new episodes will air, and that includes the series finale date. We’ll get a two-part The Blacklist series finale on Thursday, July 13. The episodes will begin at 8 p.m. ET/PT to run through to the end of the night according to the site. It’s worth nothing that NBC hasn’t officially confirmed this, so we could see a 9 p.m. ET/PT start instead. We’ll know that closer to the time.

We’ll get episodes every Sundays except for a small hiatus in the middle of June. There will be a week break on Sunday, June 15, so it’s worth noting that in your diary now.

As usual, we don’t have details of the series finale just yet. All we know is that everything that Red has been doing this season is going to come to a head. Who will survive out of the entire team?

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The Blacklist airs Sundays at 10/9c on NBC. Catch up the following day on Peacock.