NCIS: Hawaii spoilers: What to expect in Season 2, Episode 20 (Preview)

Lucy gets a mysterious phone call in NCIS: Hawaii Season 2, Episode 20. Here are the NCIS: Hawaii spoilers to get ready for the episode.

Sometimes days off do not work the way they’re supposed to. We all know there are times that we’ll get a call from work asking if we can come in. For the most part, we get to decline. That’s not the case for Jane Tennant and her team.

Lucy gets a phone call that pulls the team into a murder investigation when they’re supposed to be off work. Let’s take a look at what to expect in the new episode this week.

NCIS: Hawaii spoilers: 2×20 promo

The promo tells us how the team ends up involved. Lucy gets a phone call from someone who says they think they killed someone. Now they don’t know what to do. By the time the team gets to the victim, the caller is gone. That’s not going to stop the caller from getting in touch with Lucy again, though.

Did the caller do it? Is this a trap for the team? That’s something we’ll need to watch the episode to find out about.

NCIS: Hawaii spoilers: 2×20 synopsis

The synopsis gives us more of an idea of what’s going on. Well, it tells us that the team is called in on their day off, and it looks like a Navy seaman made the call.

The synopsis also tells us that Lucy and Kate will get the personal storyline of the episode. Lucy finds out that Kate turned down a promotion in DC to remain in Hawaii. What will that do for Lucy’s feelings? She told Kate about her career opportunity. Will she feel betrayed that Kate didn’t tell Lucy about hers?

When a navy seaman is involved in a murder, the NCIS team is called to work the case on their day off. Also, Lucy finds out Whistler turned down a promotion in D.C. to stay in Hawai’i.

NCIS: Hawaii airs Mondays at 10/9c on CBS. Catch up the following day on Paramount+.