What is Missing: Dead or Alive on Netflix about?

Missing: Dead or Alive. Cr: Netflix.
Missing: Dead or Alive. Cr: Netflix. /

Fifteen hundred people go missing every day in the United States alone. We get to see the Missing Persons Unit in action in Missing: Dead or Alive.

You’ve likely watched Alert: Missing Persons Unit on FOX. The series followed fictional missing persons cases that Nikki, Jason, and their team had to solve. Well, the Missing Persons Unit is a very real thing in the United States.

With 1,500 people going missing every single day in the country, police need to work specifically in that area. The search doesn’t stop until one of two things happens: the person turns up, or there’s a body.

What is Missing: Dead or Alive about?

Netflix is bringing its own series to focus on missing persons cases. This isn’t a fictional series, though. Missing: Dead or Alive is a docuseries that focuses on veey real cases that real detectives have had to solve.

Some of them have turned up alive, but some of the missing people have turned up dead. It’s up to the detectives to race against time in the hope of finding a person before it’s too late.

One of the cases is a man who goes missing after winning the lottery. Another one is a 10-year-old girl. There is a wide range of cases to show the teams hard at work for everyone involved. Of course, some cases are more timely and more suspicious than others, and all the detectives can do is work with the evidence they get to figure out what’s happened to the individuals.

We’ll see the detectives in the field and in the office. Some of them are going to feel the pressure as the minutes tick down. The longer the person is missing, the more likely it is that the body will show up.

Check out the trailer for Missing: Dead or Alive:

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Missing: Dead or Alive is coming to Netflix on Wednesday, May 10.