Is a new episode of The Rookie on ABC tonight? (May 9)

We have some big questions about a certain character after the way the previous episode ended. Will we get answers in The Rookie tonight, Tuesday, May 9?

The previous episode ended with a major cliffhanger. Thorsen’s life hangs in the balance, and we want to know the outcome as soon as possible. There is some terrible news this week. There is not a new episode of The Rookie Season 5 tonight, Tuesday, May 9.

In fact, there is not a new episode for a while. The previous episode was the season finale, and now we have a wait for the new season. The great news is that The Rookie Season 6 is officially happening.

When will The Rookie Season 6 premiere on ABC?

So, how long will we need to wait for the new season? Usually, we would say that the episodes would arrive in September 2023. We just can’t see ABC moving this series from the fall schedule. This year isn’t going to be a normal year, though.

The WGA writers strike is now underway. This is expected to be a long one. Just to get an idea of length, the 2007-2008 strike lasted 100 days and the longest on record in 153 days. This strike could last as long as negotiations with the streamers are breaking down completely. It’s going to take time for the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, and Hulu to face the problems that the likes of the broadcast networks will, so they can hold out a little longer than most others.

Writing on anything that involves union writers cannot happen right now. While shows could pull in non-union writers (known as scabs), most of them aren’t going to do that. The producers, crew members, and actors are mostly behind the writers on this strike so they’re supporting the writers by halting everything.

That’s going to push everything else behind. It will like mean fall doesn’t start in September as normal. We have another pandemic schedule on our hands.

The Rookie is available to stream on Hulu.