What is The Tower 2: Death Message about?

The Tower 2 -- Courtesy of BritBox
The Tower 2 -- Courtesy of BritBox /

The Tower’s second season premieres on BritBox on Tuesday, May 16. What is The Tower 2: Death Message about? Here’s a look at the story.

If you loved The Tower Season 1, you’ll be happy to know there is a second season. There are four episodes to this story, and like the first season, it tells one complete story throughout the four episodes. Gemma Whelan from Game of Thrones returns as Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins, and she has another case to get to the bottom of.

This season is based on Kate London’s second novel in her series, which is titled Death Message. Sarah is now in Homicide Command, and she needs to reopen a cold case that involves a missing school girl.  What can we expect from the story? Here’s everything you need to know to get ready for it.

The Tower 2: Death Message synopsis

The BritBox series will see Sarah pulled into a case that sees gangs, scams, and murder all rolled into one. She will also end up working with Police Constable Lizzie Adama once more, who is back on the job after that climactic ending to the first season. Lizzie is back with the London police where she needs to protect a mother and daughter in trouble.

Detective inspector Kieran Shaw also returns. He wants to recruit Detective Sergeant Steve Bradshaw into a specialist task force that targets major organized crime figures, but Steve doesn’t trust him. How will that work out?

All the while, they have this cold case that could finally be solved. How does it link to the mother and daughter Lizzie is helping? After all, the cases always link, don’t they?

If you loved the first season, you will most definitely adore The Tower 2: Death Message.

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The Tower 2: Death Message premieres on Tuesday, May 16 on BritBox and airs weekly.