The Equalizer spoilers: What to expect in the Season 3 finale (Preview)

McCall and her team are put in harm’s way in The Equalizer Season 3 finale. Here are all The Equalizer spoilers you need for the episode.

We’re at the end of another season of The Equalizer. The good news is we’re going into this season finale with no concerns about how it will end. Well, okay, we’re concerned about losing a character or two, but we’re not concerned with cliffhangers that will go unresolved. There is going to be a fourth season of the series.

The new episode puts lives of everyone on the line. McCall and her team are dealing with a case of revenge, while Aunt Vi and Delilah are dealing with a robbery.

The Equalizer spoilers: 3×18 promo

Take a look at the promo for the episode. It doesn’t give too much away, but it makes it clear that lives are on the line. Can the team get to the bottom of the case and save the day?

The Equalizer spoilers: 3×18 synopsis

The synopsis tells us much more about what’s going on in the case. This one is personal for McCall and the rest of the team. It turns out that McCall’s former CIA colleague is still alive, and now she is out for revenge. She decides to get revenge, she’ll abduct people close to McCall, including Dante, Harry, and Mel. What she probably isn’t counting on is each of these team members able to protect themselves while McCall figures out how to save them.

Meanwhile, Aunt Vi and Delilah have their own situation. There’s a robbery at a bodega, and now everyone is being taken hostage. Vi and Delilah will need to use everything they have learned from McCall and others to deal with the situation.

The team is put into harm’s way when McCall’s (Queen Latifah) former CIA colleague (Ilfenesh Hadera) is found alive and sets her sights on revenge by attempting to abduct Dante (Tory Kittles), Harry (Adam Goldberg) and Mel (Liza Lapira). Also, Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) and Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes) must act quickly to de-escalate a hostage situation of their own when a robber targets a bodega.

The Equalizer is available to stream on Paramount+.