The Tower 2: Death Message release schedule: When do new episodes come out?

The Tower 2 -- Courtesy of BritBox
The Tower 2 -- Courtesy of BritBox /

The Tower‘s second season has premiered on BritBox, but there are still three episodes to go. Here’s The Tower 2: Death Message release schedule so you know when to tune in for new episodes.

Gemma Whelan is back, and she has another case to solve. The premiere of The Tower 2: Death Message is now available to stream. It certainly sets the stage for the series, and there’s no doubt that you want to see the rest of the story.

This is a four-part season that will tell the full story. It follows the second book in the series, so you can head there for the spoilers if you want. This is a weekly release, so you’ve got time before you see how the show ends the tale.

The Tower 2: Death Message release schedule

BritBox does a lot of weekly releases. This is working out well for new originals as it keeps people subscribed to the British streamer. There is a lot of other content to get into, too, including classic Who, Karen Pirie, and much more.

So, what’s the schedule looking like? Here’s when you can tune into each of the new episodes. Episodes drop at around 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT.

  • Episode 1: May 16
  • Episode 2: May 23
  • Episode 3: May 30
  • Episode 4: June 6

This season picks up off the back of the first season. Police Constable Lizzie Adama is back with her London police station, but it won’t be long before she runs into Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins again. Sarah has a new case. Well, it’s an old one, actually. She reopens a cold case only to find that it could connect to Lizzie’s victims, a mother and daughter, she’s trying to protect.

Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Keiran Shaw needs to prove to Detective Sergeant Steve Bradshaw that he can be trusted. He wants Steve to join his specialist task force.

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The Tower 2: Death Message airs Tuesdays on BritBox.