When is The Tower 2: Death Message finale on BritBox?

The Tower 2 -- Courtesy of BritBox
The Tower 2 -- Courtesy of BritBox /

The Tower 2: Death Message has now premiered on BritBox, and you won’t want to miss out. When will the finale air to bring all the answers you need?

Gemma Whelan is back as Sarah Collins. Sarah has a new case that is actually an old one. She’s tasked with reopening a cold case, but it could be linked to something Lizzie Adama is working on back at her London police station.

The season is based on Kate London’s second book in her Collins and Griffiths series, titled Death Message. The cold case involves 15-year-old Tania Mills who walked out of her front door the morning after the Great Storm and disappeared. Her mother never gave up hope in all 27 years that Tania would be found. The question is whether Tania will be found dead or alive.

The Tower 2: Death Message finale date

Of course, you’ll want to see how the case plays out in the TV series. You just need to know when the finale will air.

This is a series that’s getting a weekly release and it has four episodes. So, we’re not waiting too long to see the final episode. It will air on Tuesday, June 6 on BritBox.

This is a series that’s worth watching weekly as it releases. The show brings us a lot of twists and turns along the way, keeping you guessing about who was involved in the disappearance 27 years earlier. Take the time to discuss with colleagues over the water cooler about what could happen next.

Will there be a third season of the series? It’s not like there isn’t any source material for it. We just need to see how well this season performs to see if it could come back. We’re certainly ready for more!

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The Tower 2: Death Message airs Tuesdays in BritBox.