Which NCIS: Los Angeles star turned up in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 finale?

A certain NCIS: Los Angeles someone turned up to save Jane Tennant in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 finale. Who was it, and what could this mean?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from the NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 finale.

The NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 finale picked up where the previous episode left off. Jane had been taken, and the team had to hope that Whistler could get information to figure out where she was. Well, it all worked out, and before the halfway mark of the episode, the team managed to get Jane out of Venezuela. It was all with the help of a certain NCIS: Los Angeles team member.

What could this mean for the future of a certain character in the NCIS universe? After all, NCIS: Los Angeles has now come to an end, and this episode was filmed after the announcement of the series finale was made.

Who saves Jane and Whistler in the NCIS: Hawaii Season 2 finale?

The finale saw Jane and Whistler gunned down by two men. Just as it looked like they were outgunned, the two men were killed by a sniper. Of course, Whistler initially feared the worst, but then she realized that whoever took these two men out were on her side.

Then the women got a call. It was NCIS: Los Angeles‘s Sam Hana on the other end of the phone. He was the one sniping the guys to get Jane and Whistler out. He just happened to be in Venezuela? Well, he was in Morocco, but nothing was going to stop him from getting to Jane to help her when the call came in.

This certainly opens the door for more Sam Hana. After all, in the three-way crossover, he made it clear that he’d be interested in working with the Hawaii team again. With Los Angeles over, could we see some of the characters come over to the Hawaii-based spin-off? That is unlikely but maybe it could open to these crossovers happening again should schedules allow. I’d be up for something like this.

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