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The Tower 2 -- Courtesy of BritBox
The Tower 2 -- Courtesy of BritBox /

The Tower 2: Death Message has started on BritBox. There are four episodes to tell the story that involves a cold case and a murdered woman.

DCI Sarah Collins is back, and this time she’s moved to homicide. She’s quickly put onto the task of solving a cold case, and it turns out there is a lot of evidence that was overlooked 25 years earlier.

Meanwhile, Lizzie is back with her unit. Her first case back involves a domestic dispute that turns into a murder. What will happen when Sarah and Lizzie run into each other again?

Here’s a look at each of the episodes with updates happening as new episodes arrive. Check out The Tower 2: Death Message episode schedule to know when to expect the new episode recaps and when the ending explained will happen.

The Tower 2: Death Message Episode 1

The first episode picks up with the board determining what should happen to Lizzie. In the end, she’s allowed to keep her job and remain with her local precinct. Meanwhile, Collins is moved to homicide, and it’s clear that her need to solve cases isn’t all that loved by her new team.

When Collins is a week late for her new job (on HR’s orders, but that doesn’t matter to her new boss), she is given a cold case. On the day of Princess Di’s funeral, Tania Mills left her home, changed her clothes, and then went missing. Eyes were on one man at the time, but he was later released.

So, who did it? Well, Collins thinks she has a lead. There’s a local sex offender who lived in the same area as Tania. This man has an interest in photography, which is something Tania was also interested in. Collins wants to get to the bottom of it. Her own sister died around the same time, and at least she and her family got closure. Tania’s family has never had a chance.

However, there’s another case to solve.

Lizzie pays a visit to the home of Mark Brannon and Georgina Teel after there are reports of a disturbance. It’s clear that Georgina is a battered woman, but a “friend” is making it hard for Lizzie to get answers. However, Lizzie is determined to keep Georgina and her daughter, Skye, safe from Mark.

Mark is arrested, but he’s later released. His lawyer is good and Lizzie didn’t follow protocol. Georgina claims that she felt scared and threatened by Lizzie so had to say what Lizzie wanted. Of course, within days of Mark walking free, Georgina is found murdered. Collins is the one who takes that call and attends the scene, and she is annoyed to find out that Lizzie was on the case just days earlier.

The Tower 2: Death Message Episode 2

In the second episode, Collins and Lizzie realize that they need to team up. Of course, Collins isn’t happy with that. She just wants Lizzie to follow protocol and stop using “any means necessary” as a way to get the job done. That’s landing everyone in trouble.

Lizzie is tasked with going to tell Georgina’s mother about the murder. Mark turns up while Lizzie and her partner Arif are there. Rather than follow what Collins said about staying in the house, Lizzie decides to go on the hunt for Mark to try to capture him. She is almost killed. Mark gets away, and it messes up the case again.

Collins finds out that there is a restraining order. That didn’t come up in her initial look into the case, but she admits that she made a mistake even taking the homicide call. A fresh team needed to get involved in this one. This team had only just wrapped up a case involving children killed in a convenience store shooting.

While the team works on Georgina’s case and finding Skye to keep her safe, Collins continues her search into the cold case. There’s some good news. The cameras that Collins took from the sexual offender’s house has Tania’s prints on the inside of them. That meant this guy had known Tania. She had been to his house.

However, Collins doesn’t think this man did it. As much as he’s a dangerous man, they need to catch the right person, and Collins knows that this is still connected to the green Jaguar that came up in the first episode. Tania’s former violin tutor owned a green Jag, and he left the school shortly after Tania’s disappearance. He’s done well for himself, and Collins knows that something is off.

It gets even worse when Collins learns that this teacher wanted a park (close to where Tania went missing) dug up for some sort of planting event. The timing is certainly curious.

Meanwhile, Mark decides to release a video online. He shares how much he loved Georgina and how much he loves his daughter Skye. He would do anything to keep his family together, but like a true narcissist and abuser, he puts the blame on the cops for him murdering Georgina. The viral video hits the news.

As all this goes on, Keiran, who is sleeping with Lizzie and it makes me hate both of them more, is offered the chance to lead a task force. It’s all linked to the convenience store shootings, which were orchestrated by a gang leader. It’s time to take this leader down. Kieran is interested, but he wants to pick his own team. There’s just one person he may need to work with: Stephen Bradshaw, and that is not what he wants.

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The Tower 2: Death Message is available to stream on BritBox.